Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Grown-Up Checklist, Explained

Here's that checklist I promised, with a little explanation of each item:

WORKOUT OF THE DAY Some days, I'll do a small morning workout before breakfast; other days, I'll work out in the evening or take a day off.
SHOWER By popular demand....
GET DRESSED I tried getting dressed and then showering, but my clothes got all wet....
BREAKFAST I cook something for myself and the boys most days.
COMPUTER TIME This is the time to check on Facebook, email, etc. I have to limit myself or I spend too much time here.
CHECK CALENDAR FOR TODAY I find that if I look at the calendar in the morning, I'll remember what's scheduled for the rest of the day. If I don't make myself check it, though, I am likely to forget stuff.
START HOMESCHOOL BY 9:00 My homeschool mornings tend to go one of two ways: either I'm behind all morning and get a really late start, or I start on time and finish everything we need to do by 11:00. The second way is a lot more fun for everyone.

CLEAN KITCHEN The kids are expected to clear and rinse their own breakfast dishes, but this is where I make sure all the breakfast stuff is cleaned up and I'm not leaving a mess for Lorin to deal with when she comes home at lunch time.
CHECK TASK LIST I keep a small notebook in my pocket that I use to write down to-do items as they occur to me. I'm trying to be better about the next step – that is, actually doing them.
READY FOR WORK Do I have all the things I need for work? Clothes still clean? Was I supposed to bring anything to the office, or drop something off on the way there?
LUNCH I don't always make lunch for the boys, but if I don't, I need to make sure they make themselves something healthy. Ideally, when Lorin gets home, the kitchen is clean and the boys are fed, so she can get right to work on her afternoon of homeschooling.

KITCHEN My oldest son & I tag-team the kitchen after dinner. We load the dishwasher, hand-wash the big stuff, and wipe down the counters. Younger brothers sweep and wipe the table.
WORKOUT OF THE DAY Some days, I watch a movie while I ride my bike on the trainer in the evening, or do a quick workout after dinner.
CHECK CALENDAR FOR TOMORROW Is there anything important going on tomorrow that I need to prepare for? Any errands to run, etc.? Looking into this at night helps me remember them the next morning.

I haven't begun to use this yet, though some of the items on it are long-standing habits (and others are old short-comings).

If you were to make yourself a checklist for the hectic parts of your day, what would be the most important items on it?

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